Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This vlog/blog is constructed to inform people about our ASL ID gloss project.

We are creating a database of ASL signs with the glosses we use to identify these signs. The database will also include other information about the signs, such as how the sign is made ('phonological' information) and how the sign is used ('syntactic' and 'semantic' information). We plan to make this database available on the web for anyone to use by fall 2011.

The database structure will allow other groups to create their own glosses for signs. Each group will have its own site containing its glosses and other information about the signs.

While we are in the development stage, we are interested in knowing how other people might want to use the database. If we can, we will take these into account to make the database more useful to the ASL Community.

Look over our site and give us feedback!